d'accord.on air assist

The perfect studio support for live broadcasting or pre-production

The d’accord.on air assist is the central application in the studio. Here the complete work plan of the broadcast, which has been previously planned in the d’accord.daily schedule, is clearly structured and displayed.

All information and functions relevant to the broadcaster are displayed prominently on the display. Secondary information and functions, meanwhile, are only a key press away at all times.

Everything in on air assist is designed to provide the user with more scope and time to make the broadcast as creative as possible.

Everything on hand. Even when things get hectic.

The on air assist is designed in such a way that all broadcaster-relevant information is always to hand. Important functions are directly available via a click or a key press. Nor is the interface rigid; it adapts to the requirements of the user. This allows optimised working in all situations and in any studio.

Fast, intuitive control and operation

Fast, intuitive control and operation of the broadcast as it takes place is of the essence. Elements can therefore be moved forward or back by drag and drop. The Next function allows individual elements or blocks to be prioritised with a single click.

Drag & drop import

Audio and text elements can be imported from the libraries for playout by drag and drop, including all relevant metadata such as title, performer, audio markers, information and presentation texts. Thus, newly produced items can be integrated into the work plan without loss of time.

Quick fixing of texts

Texts can be fixed in on air assist by key press. Then relevant information such as words of introduction are visible at all times, even if the next stages of the broadcast are already being prepared in parallel, say, by pre-listening.

User-individual interfaces

Every user works differently. Therefore, the interface can be adapted easily and in just a few steps. When there is a change of presenters, the system can be restored to standard view with a single key press.

Pre-listening window

The pre-listening window can be opened or closed with a key press so it is only visible when required. This allows a quick listen-in at the start and end of audio elements all through the work plan and the music pool without losing sight of broadcaster-relevant information.


The waveform display of the playout and pre-listening channels also provides a visual preview of the audio. This makes it easier to spot soft passages or fade-outs, for example, and to respond accordingly.

Relevant information at a glance

To ensure the optimal overview in broadcasting mode, all relevant information is given emphasis. Thus, the intro and the last seconds of an audio element are shown flashing, while the focus remains on the running element at all times.

Integrated audio editor

The integrated cut assist function is a complete audio editor that allows broadcast-ready recordings to be created quickly. These are automatically integrated into the work plan and are archived in the d’accord.libraries.

Working with audio made easy. In any situation.

What brings radio to life is well-crafted audio. The d’accord.on air assist offers many functions that make it as simple as possible to create an interesting and creative programme – from one-click cueing through to the automatic starting of elements.

Simple cueing

Simple, intuitive defining of entry points for audio directly in on air assist using a jog wheel or mouse make a clean transition to the next audio item child’s play.

Access to played elements

Elements that have already been played remain visible in the work plan and can be used again in a single click. Thus, elements that have been started inadvertently, say, can be played again without the need to go through complicated steps.

One-click automation

The start mode for audio can be easily changed. Audio items can be specifically started by the cross-out marker of the previous element. This leaves more time for preparing the next stages of the broadcast, such as the next live interview.

Full-featured pause mode

On air assist offers a real pause mode, allowing important announcements to be broadcast immediately, after which the audio resumes from the point at which it was interrupted.

Studios need buttons, controllers and jog wheels.

We know. That’s why we have developed a dedicated d’accord hardware controller. Additionally, on air assist can be integrated completely into existing studio hardware with its link to the mixing desks.

Dedicated hardware controller

Simple, intuitive control of the on air assist using the dedicated hardware controller. All relevant functions can be accessed fast without the need for a mouse or keyboard. So, on air assist can be integrated into the workflows of the studio and be operated safely and simply, even in hectic situations.

Mixing desk control

On air assist allows the software to be controlled via the mixing desk and the desk to be controlled by the software. It is thus possible to play out from places that have no mixing desk. Compatibility with all common mixing desk systems means a free choice of the desk type.

As flexible as everyday radio.

Radio is a living medium that must not be restricted by rigid software. On air assist is perfectly integrated with the other applications of the d’accord.radiosuite. All persons involved can therefore work hand in hand. Even while the broadcast is on air.

Schedule updates at any time

Even while a broadcast is in progress, updates to the rundown schedule can be sent to the on air assist. All changes are immediately available in the studio and thus allow a problem-free run, even when things change at the last minute.

Realtime backtiming

The backtiming display is always visible and is constantly updated. Longer underlays and music beds do not falsify the backtiming; element start times are recalculated in real time. To optimise the rundown, elements from the work plan can be simply removed from the time calculation.

The basis for problem-free, modern broadcasting

The d’accord.on air assist runs in the background, based on modern client-server architecture and supports high-end multichannel sound cards with the OnAir server. Open, standardised interfaces allow connection to external systems with ease, enabling modern multichannel broadcasting solutions to be efficiently realised.

Client-server architecture

The OnAir server can be operated by any number of clients. Multiple persons can therefore access it from different terminals of the broadcasting organisation.

Any number of channels

The use of sound cards with, for example, eight channels allows playout of 5.1 multichannel audio or parallel playout of several stereo signals.

Trace files

All interactions, incidents and error messages are saved in a detailed trace file so that all occurrences are always traceable.

XML interface

Automatic generation of XML files of the playlist allows standardised transfer to external systems such as RDS and DAB plus automatic publication of the titles in the list on the Internet.


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