About us

d’accord broadcasting solutions gmbh develops and markets modern content and broadcasting solutions for radio and TV based on its d’accord.radiosuite and d’accord.tvsuite product lines.

The company is managed by Steffen Rausch, Dipl.-Math. The company is privately owned. d’accord broadcasting solutions gmbh is also strengthened by its good market position, which has evolved throughout the company’s history.

The team has been equipping radio broadcasters with modern broadcasting solutions for over 20 years. Recently four new ARD organisations opted for the high performance of the integrated software solution. On top of this, there are many installations operating in the studios of private German broadcasters and at international broadcasting companies. In the Polish market, in particular, d’accord broadcasting systems and its partner d’accord broadcasting solutions Sp. z o.o. (d’accord Poland) are a successful team.

The multimedia programme production (radio, TV and Internet) receive optimum support from d’accord broadcasting solutions gmbh through centralised content management. At the same time, experienced partners in the software industry are developing an innovative complete solution for radio and TV.

This determined approach of constant modernisation of the product palate, without loss of reliability, is supported positively by all existing customers. As well as acting as a partner for complex digitisation projects, the company has also established itself, thanks to its openness and ease of scalability, as a solutions provider for smaller radio stations with a high development potential. This positive overall development has made the company into a recognised specialist for multimedia content management and also for project management matched to customer needs.

The team at d’accord broadcasting solutions gmbh currently consists of 15 permanent employees. This team is augmented by freelance staff for specific tasks. The combination of a dependable employee base and a changing pool of additional creative talent will continue to be the basis of the company’s structure in future. It allows optimum levels of flexibility and economic strength that will enable us to stand by our customers as a dependable partner in the coming decades.