d'accord.cart assist

The optimal cart wall solution for layout elements or news.

The d’accord.cart assist is the ideal tool for managing and integrating layout elements and feeds into the current programme. Here cart assist and d’accord.on air assist complement each other to create the perfect studio solution.

All audio elements for broadcasting are shown in clear stacks and can be played with a key press or mouse click. Thus, the correct underlay is always available at the right time. If, however, the rundown has to be changed, audio elements can be quickly reorganised by drag and drop.

Complete overview in any situation.

The d’accord.cart assist is an innovative cart wall solution that displays all scheduled layout elements for the broadcast in stacks and lets you play them with a click. The user interface is designed in such a way that it supports the presenter or editor in designing the programme creatively.

Definable views

Stacks can be minimised or shown thinner. The relevant content is therefore always given the greatest possible space and operation is simplified.

Distinct colour coding

Colour coding of the audio improves clarity. The different layout types such as drops, beds and show openers can be labelled by means of different colours.

Next element at a glance

The next audio element to be played is shown as the bottom item in the stack and is also constantly visible in the audio slot. If the user scrolls through the stack, the next audio element remains in view at all times.

Intelligent interface

The pre-listen window can be automatically closed by pressing the Stop button or when the audio finishes. It is therefore only visible when it is required.

Dynamic programme design - easier than ever.

For modern radio broadcasters, layout elements play a crucial role. All the more important, therefore, that they can be integrated into the programme and used with ease, consistently but also flexibly.

The d’accord.cart assist makes child’s play of working with layout elements – for everybody at the broadcaster, from layout staff through to the presenter and editor.

layout repository

A repository is created for every programme or stream in which all audio elements, groups and stacks are managed. Persons commissioned with layout can prepare the groups and stacks from each client and then make them available to all users on the cart server.

layout updates

The replace function swaps one audio element for another within cart assist. It is replaced automatically in all stacks and groups and is thus globally accessible. Thus, an update of layout elements can be done with a single click.

Fast loading
of stacks

Individual stacks can be removed by the user and new stacks loaded from the repository. A stack list gives an overview of all available stacks. Audio elements can be searched within the stack list or even within the entire repository.

Automatic deletion
of audio elements

If a repository is loaded with new audio elements in the studio, the audio files no longer required are automatically deleted. Thus, layout changes can be quick and without ‘dead’ audio, and the presenter sees only the relevant elements.

Different groups for
different streams

Different groups can be defined for different streams and these can be quickly loaded by means of a drop-down list. Thus, a change between two broadcasts can be accomplished with a click.

Easy change of
sorting order

Audio elements can be moved or copied within or between stacks by drag and drop. A particular audio element can be defined as the next to be played out with a single key press.

The hardware controller for perfect integration in the studio.

To enable quick, intuitive use of the software in the studio without mouse or keyboard, the special hardware controller developed for the d’accord.cart assist can be used. With this, the primary functions are only a button-press away, and the software integrates perfectly into the studio workflows.

Modern technology for modern broadcasting organisations.

The d’accord.cart assist works in the background, based on modern client-server architecture. The number of stacks can be adapted to the individual requirements of each individual broadcaster. Numerous automation functions increase the efficiency and security of studio operations.


The cart server can be operated by any number of clients. Multiple persons can therefore access it from different terminals of the broadcasting organisation.


The d’accord.cart assist is linked to the daily schedule. All audio elements that have been played are recorded in the live rundown schedule and logged.

Any number
of stacks

The d’accord.cart assist can also be adapted flexibly to the needs of the stream. The number of stacks and thus of audio paths can be freely configured.

audio levelling

The audio level is matched automatically on playout to the average level, so that the presenter need not concentrate so much on the correct audio level control.


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