Content Management

Intelligent content management of all multimedia content for the entire broadcaster or indeed for all streams with the d’accord.libraries.


Simple, fast day and theme planning with the d’accord.daily schedule. New dimensions of music planning with the d’accord.rotation center.


The d’accord.news center is the perfect work platform for professional news offices and has been specially developed to meet the high demands of modern newsrooms.


The d’accord.on air assist and its accompanying hardware controller, together with the d’accord.cart assist, are the ideal helpers in hectic everyday studio life.

20 years

of experience in the radio industry

The d'accord.radiosuite is a fully integrated solution covering all requirements of modern radio broadcasters. In Germany, four of the ten ARD organisations opted for the high performance of the integrated software solution. All over Europe the solutions in use at several public as well as private radio stations since several years. The system's modularity enables customers to build the ideal solution that fits the workflows and budget. The continuous development of the d'accord.radiosuite in close collaboration with our clients we have one of the most modern broadcasting solutions on the market.