d'accord.rotation center

The heart's desire of every music editor. And much more than that.

Cutting-edge technology makes it suitable for broadcasters of all sizes. Distributed working is easy to achieve using the central web service.

Flexibility and optimal usability, combined with intelligent rule administration and informative analyses, make the new d'accord.rotation center the perfect partner for modern music scheduling.

The latest technology for optimal rotation

From the outset, the new d’accord.rotation center has been designed for the demands of modern broadcasting organisations. A central database manages the entire broadcaster – regardless of how many streams, divisions or users are accessing it. The application functions without any time delay. Thus, even working with large media libraries is fun again.

Multi-client capability

Multiple streams, divisions and users can access a central database simultaneously. Thus, programme splits or even test environments can be realised without outlay and in the minimum of time.

Central web service

The rotation provides a central web service and web service methods, thus guaranteeing simple and standardised communications with other systems and access to content. The client also uses the web service. Thus, distributed work is possible at any time.

High performance

The d’accord.rotation is designed for use by large broadcasters. Even with hundreds of thousands of titles in the media library, there are no delays or dropouts when working with the application.

Bidirectional interface

In addition to being used within the d’accord.radiosuite, the rotation component can also be easily integrated, thanks to an extensive interface, into other environments. At present, there are interfaces available to dira! and Zenon. Other systems can also be integrated without problems

Music planning is suddenly easy.

Good music scheduling is the foundation of a good programme. The new d’accord.rotation center offers many functions for creating the best possible rotation. The application supports the user here with intelligent rule processing and inheritance, a tidy, customisable user interface and definable rotation speeds.

user interface

The d’accord.rotation center offers a modern look and feel, completely orientated towards the user. The individual sections of the application can be arranged and stored as suits personal requirements. All components are easy to access through short operating steps.

rotation analysis

In addition to the comprehensive rotation analysis for conflict resolution, a graphical evaluation of the rotation result can be created for the rotated broadcast. The distribution of properties is displayed by rotation features and thus makes analysis still easier.

database fields

For each stream and music genre, different fields can be defined in the database for each music item. Thus, for example, with classical music, additional relevant information such as the soloists or orchestra can also be stored. The fields can be provided with rotation rules.

Negative and
exclusion rules

Using negative or exclusion rules, a broadcasting slot or a pool can exclude specific rules from a rule package inherited from the top structure. This allows, say, jingles or promos from a blocked title to be excluded or hot rotation slots to be given their own rotation parameters.

Different rotation speeds

Different rotation speeds can be defined in the settings. These are then automatically executed in the subsequent sequence.

Easy rules

Elements generally inherit the rules of the element above them. Of course, individual elements within a structure can be overwritten with specific rules and rule packages.

Multiple pools for each slot

Broadcasting slots can be filled with one or more music pools. These pools can be compiled for each slot simply by drag and drop. The properties of the individual pools are thus compiled.

work management

The work management function is specially designed for classical music. Here specific compositions or titles can be simply combined by drag and drop and used at any time.


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