d'accord.news center

From the dispatch to the broadcast.

The d’accord.news center is the perfect work platform for professional news offices and has been specially developed to meet the high demands of modern newsrooms.

The system collects all incoming information and offers it in an information pool. All content can be searched using powerful and flexible search functions.

News centre for all streams

The news center is the news editor’s main tool. All central functions and information are combined within a single application. Therefore, the news editor has access to agency reports, previously saved items, the story library and news broadcasts already created.

Central information database

The news center provides a central information database to all editorial teams involved in a broadcast.

Multi-user and multi-stream

All streams and users of a broadcaster can work simultaneously with the news center.

Cormfortable search functions

The content gathered by the system and made instantly available in the information pool can be searched using powerful and flexible search functions.

Multimedia working

The format of the information present does not matter – the news center allows multimedia working with images, text, audio and video.

Integrated text editor

The integrated text editor allows news items and presentation texts to be written quickly. An approximate talk time is directly calculated alongside.

Integration of editors

Both d’accord’s own CutAssist and the multitrack editors distributed by ARD are seamlessly integrated via the d’accord media library’s box concept for pre-listening, editing and recording.

Visual notifications

Whether the news center is running or not, an active news informing function, preselected by means of various filters, can alert the user when new notifications are received.

Integrated planning

Ready items can be scheduled easily into broadcasts related to the subject or into those of the daily schedule. In cases of great urgency, there is also a direct route to the playout, the pool or the playlist of the d’accord.on air assist.

Audio, video, text. News in multimedia.

The d’accord.news center works with multimedia of the most diverse types and formats. Accordingly, creating multimedia items for a wide range of channels is no longer a problem.

Agency reports

The latest agency reports appear directly in the news center, clearly sorted and ready for direct editing.

RSS-Feeds, eMails and more

The news center can be fed from a variety of channels. From RSS feeds through e-mails to material already produced from the report – everything is available centrally.

Easy text creation

News texts can be copied directly into the text editor at the push of a button and edited there.

Perfect integration into the world of news and broadcasting.

Radio – the fastest medium in the world. Integration of Internet-based news sources allow the information to be further processed immediately.

Agency integration

New news items can be received in IPTC format, via NewsML and additionally via special serial interfaces. These raw notifications can be processed immediately.

Editor interfaces

Various common audio editors can be integrated into the news center. Audio elements themselves can be embedded into items via multi-items, which are containers for linked objects.

Various gateways

Various gateways can import and export items, so that further sources of various kinds can be integrated or targets served.

Playout integration

The items are available very quickly in the d’accord.topic schedule and d’accord.daily schedule planning tools and in the playout of d’accord.on air assist.


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